About Moss

Working with our partners Art Aqua – the leading international experts in Biophilic Design principles, Scotscape now offer exceptional moss products for inclusion in interior spaces to improve the health and wellbeing experienced by staff and other users of public or private spaces.

Moss developed over 450 million years ago, today there are approximately 16,000 know moss varieties. Moss does not have any harmful effects on the environment (such as mold formation) and is therefore very popular for use in decorative designing of living and working spaces.

The soft structure of moss connects nature based design (Biophilic Design) with improved acoustics. Thus Scotscape moss installations are an integral component of holistic indoor design.

Scotscape moss products do not require irrigation. Thanks to their structure they are antistatic and improve room acoustics.

The range is extensive and includes the following:

Hill Moss Interior Wall
Hill Moss
Reindeer Moss Wall
Reindeer Moss
Hill Moss Stag
Moss Bespoke Design
Hill Moss Round Shield
Moss Round Shield

Contact us now to discuss your Moss project and we will be happy to help, in the meantime take a look at our inspirational moss gallery.