Living Walls CPDs and Workshops

Angus Cunningham Managing Director Scotscape Living Walls
Living Walls Green Walls
Niall McEvoy Living Wall Training Day Biodiversity urban greening

Living Wall Training at Hadlow College

Niall McEvoy Living Wall CPD Hadlow
Living Walls Green Walls

Living Wall CPD and Training

As specialists in the design, supply, installation and maintenance of Living Wall systems, we are delighted to be able to offer CPDs on this topical subject.

Integration of living walls into urban areas is essential to create greener cities, improve biodiversity, mitigate the urban heat island effect and poor air quality. The unique Scotscape Living Wall system offers the option for integrated insulation to further enhance the energy efficiency provided by living walls. Many other benefits and challenges are explained in the CPD which offers architects and designers a useful insight into the application of Living Walls.

CPD is offered for Fytotextile living walls and also the FLEX MSE civil engineering living wall product:

Flex MSE® (Mechanically Stabilised Earth) is a patented soil-based system used to build naturally resilient and flexible Geo-modular retaining structures of up to almost any height and length. The walls can be planted over 100% of the surface face with a huge variety of plants…. including hydro-seeding.

A unique soft building material which exhibits hard material qualities, Flex MSE adapts to settlement and heave situations that challenge conventional rigid retaining systems, such as concrete, brick and timber, by its flexible nature…. and only gets stronger and greener as time goes on!

With a 120 year ASTM System Life rating (which is nearly twice that of Concrete) and a 75 year warranty, Flex MSE proffers a serious alternative and less expensive retaining solution for architects, landscape architects, civil engineers and garden designers.

Our CPD service is available for delivery in-house and via webinar.  Click here to book your CPD with Niall McEvoy

The CPD will cover:

  • Key design considerations
  • Thermal benefits of Fytotextile Living Wall system
  • Features and benefits of Living Walls
  • Installation and the importance of maintenance

Living Wall Workshops for Designers and Contractors

We offer specialist living wall workshops for Garden Designers, Landscape Contractors, Landscape Architects, Interior Designers and Architects at our nursery in Surrey. Held monthly throughout the year, these sessions offer a perfect opportunity to gain a full understanding of living walls from the technical details to the benefits of vertical greening and plant content.

Participants will learn about the Scotscape Fytotextile Living Wall System and will receive specialist advice on design, installation and maintenance from our pro-active in house team.  Hands-on experience of planting up the walls is also incorporated into the training session, enabling experienced landscapers to also offer living walls to their clients.


10.00 Coffee

10.30 Introduction

10.40 CPD Presentation on Living Walls

11.00 Talk on installation and irrigation

11.15 Talk on plants and maintenance

11.30 Summary and Q&A

12.00 Practical Workshop

13.00 Refreshments and any further questions

Those attending are advised to wear weather appropriate clothing, although we will be inside for most of the day the practical workshop is run outside.

  • Dear Angus & Niall, Thank you so much for your inspirational talk yesterday. Your enthusiasm was tangible which is such a refreshing thing to find in business these days. I really hope that I can convince a new client of it’s multiple benefits with an equally sparkling enthusiasm in my eye. All best, Gilly

    Gillian McCadden Garden Designer
  • We had a very interesting CPD presentation from Niall today. My colleagues and I had very positive conversations about it afterwards. The subject matter was not only interesting and very well put together – but it had just the right amount of relevant information, also most importantly Niall did an excellent job of presenting…. such that it was certainly one of the best CPDs we have had in the last few years! Looking forward to working with your company on upcoming projects.

    Form Studio
  • Scotscape presented a thorough and interesting CPD on living walls, covering a wide range of aspects of the benefits of these types of installations. The CPD dealt with design, installation, and ongoing maintenance; and was well worthwhile attending.

    Nick Plinston Associate, Wilkinson Eyre Architects