Living Wall Installation

Living Walls Installation

Scotscape leads the UK in the design, installation and maintenance of living walls. We have created our fabric system to be the optimum living wall solution, simple to install, lightweight and available with an insulation panel, it is suitable for both commercial and domestic use.  Click below to see how instant vertical greening can be with our installation video and installation manual.

Living Walls – helping to improve health, well-being and biodiversity in the built environment.

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The Installation Process

  • Design

    At an early stage, we meet with you to discuss your proposed living wall, after which we develop a concept and planting design. We then design the structural support framework, if required, to suit your site along with the type of irrigation required. Our planting design is entirely bespoke to each project, bringing your vision to life. Alternatively, we can share our specialist living wall knowledge with your architect or designer.

  • Supply

    We supply all the components required to fit the Living Wall system to your site. Scotscape’s Fabric Living wall system is planted on site for instant impact, providing an immediately green aesthetic. Our experienced construction team interfaces with architects and structural engineers to ensure that best practice is applied at each and every location.

  • Install

    The fabric living wall system is fast and easy to install, fixed to a steel or timber sub frame, and hung from a steel fixing rail. The system is planted in situ, minimising lead times and allowing for instant vertical greening which further develops as the season progresses. Easy to access integrated irrigation systems also allow for a smooth installation processes.

  • Maintain

    We offer a full maintenance service on every living wall we sell - checking and adjusting both irrigation and plant feed systems - as well as weeding and trimming to keep the plants looking at their best. Maintaining living walls is essential. Scotscape have a dedicated specialist horticultural and irrigation team, working all over the UK to ensure that optimum plant health is achieved. We carry out remedial work on all living wall systems and guarantee all walls maintained by our teams.