Irrigation Technical Information

We are able to cover all technical aspects of the scheme from the installation of rainwater harvesting tanks and filters, to the specification of misters and pressure-regulated pipe work which will deliver water to the correct area at the right time.

  • Scotscape interfaces with existing mechanical and electoral consultants to deliver intelligent irrigation solutions
  • We produce schematic plans and all technical specifications for each and every project
  • Scotscape provide user friendly operation manuals to all of our clients in addition our specialist teams are always on hand ready to assist.
  • Warranties are offered against every irrigation system installed entirely by Scotscape and maintained by Scotscape.

We can offer a number of ‘Smart Irrigation Technologies’ including: remote monitoring; remote sensing; remote control of water usage and alarms.

The Process

  • Design

    We are able to take a landscape design from concept stage and work with the landscape design team to develop the most efficient irrigation system for that project. We will design all aspects of the irrigation - from the plant-room space requirements, to the size of pipe delivering water to the area requiring irrigation.

  • Supply

    We supply all the components required for the specified system, providing complete assurance in the quality of the project from start to finish.

  • Install

    Our experienced and fully-trained installation team is able to install all types of irrigation system - both for commercial and residential projects. The team holds a part P electrical qualification, enabling us to design, install and connect the electrical elements of irrigation systems. We are also able to install ‘smart’ systems which allow remote monitoring, sensing and control of feed applications.

  • Maintain

    We strongly recommend that a service agreement is taken out on all systems, including de-commissioning in the winter and re-commissioning in the spring. Our qualified teams then carry out all necessary maintenance for the complete irrigation system. Scotscape also overhaul failing irrigation systems supplied by others to help bring your landscapes back to life.