Living walls for private customers

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Scotscape install living walls for commercial projects throughout the UK and internationally, but did you know we also install projects for private customers?  If you would like a living wall in your city garden for 2018 it is not too late – get in touch with the living wall experts we are happy to help! Contact our friendly team at Scotscape HQ, we are happy to welcome you to our premises which are full of living wall examples to inspire you and to explain how our system works.

Urban gardens present a challenge which is perfectly solved by living walls, they save precious space, allowing more room for outdoor living, they provide a great acoustic benefit, making the urban garden feel more tranquil and calm, localised air quality and of course natural fragrance from a well planted living wall are a huge benefit for city gardens too.  Living Walls can be specified into light-wells – planted with shade loving plants they create a beautiful aesthetic which is far preferential to the view of a brick wall.

Roof terraces are also a perfect location for a living wall, making every piece of outdoor space usable and increasing the value of property assets for both property developers and for property owners. Every little bit of green helps to improve urban air quality and give valuable foraging for our bees and other pollinators. Scotscape’s team of experts can recommend correct plant content to optimise the benefits of green walls making them even more functional.

We can help you to create a perfect garden oasis.