Towns and cities across the UK are failing air quality directives.  It is proven that Living Walls can assist with this problem in highly populated areas.  In London alone 40,000 premature deaths last year were associated with poor air quality.

Our Living Wall CPD will inspire you to specify Living Walls to improve air quality, increase biodiversity in the city and improve health and well-being.

Living Walls form one part of a Green Building Envelope.  Green Roofs, landscaped roof terraces and balconies all assist in creating healthier cities.  Urbanisation is accelerating around the world and will continue until 7 billion people live in cities by the end of this century.  These cities can be improved by increasing vegetation content – particularly using green facades.  Green walls offer the opportunity to retrofit existing building assets, bringing immediate benefits of improved air quality, biodiversity, insulation, reduction of urban heat island effect and the city dwellers well-being.  Urban heat is a particularly big challenge for cities and green facades have been proven to dramatically improve localised urban temperatures in heavily built up locations.

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