Introducing Living Walls into the Built Environment has never made more sense, with air quality in our cities at an all time low! Living Walls offer a solution!

If you and your team would like to learn more about living walls and application for exterior or interior locations, book your living wall CPD today. Enjoyed by architects across the country the Scotscape CPD is interesting, engaging and inspiring.

The benefits of living walls include – improved air quality, improved biodiversity, acoustic benefits, reduced urban heat island effect, insulation and improved energy efficiencies.   As urbanisation increases and our cities become ever more populated it is essential for us to retrofit buildings with green solutions to make our urban areas more comfortable and healthy places to live and work.  Using vertical space when ground level is so crowded is the perfect antidote to the problem.

Our CPD has received some extremely positive feedback including:

‘A huge thank you for your talk on Friday, it was one of the most compelling and inspiring horitcultural talks I have ever heard.  Your passion is addictive, and definitely rubbed off on everyone there.’

Jamie Butterworth 

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LIving Walls