Living Walls and Green Walls UK

Scotscape are a leading supplier of living walls, green roofing and green walls throughout the UK Nationwide. We are proud to offer in excess of 30 years’ experience in the commercial and domestic landscape industry employing over 60 staff at our head office and nursery in Surrey.

Green Walls, Roofs and Green Infrastructure

Living Walls are emerging all over the UK in both interior and exterior projects and have been seen here since 2006 – notably the one of the first living walls was designed and installed by the French botanist Patrick Blanc at the Athenaeum Hotel on London’s Piccadilly, his pioneering vision to create vertical jungles has inspired the living wall movement both here and around the world.

Benefits of Green Living Walls

The benefits of Living Walls are being more and more understood by the broader public making them an attractive addition to any business or home, not only from an aesthetic point of view but also because they improve air quality, reduce noise, improve biodiversity in cities, provide thermal benefits in the winter and summer and reduce the heat island effect.  As our towns and cities grow and with urbanisation on the increase, living walls (green walls) have a valuable role to play in improving health and well-being for city dwellers and workers.

Living Walls Green Walls Roofing Roofs

Living Wall by Scotscape at Asics Head Office

Health Benefits of Interior Green Walls

When specified in interiors it is proven that plants deliver serious health benefits by reducing stress, improving air quality and providing an ambient environment – this in turn impacts positively on staff turnover and health which makes interior living walls perfect for socially conscious businesses.

Green Infastructure Solutions with Scotscape

Living walls are not the only solution to the green infrastructure puzzle.  Rain gardens harnessing storm water run-off with effective irrigation, porous wall fabric and porous paving solutions, green roofs to further impact on improving biodiversity and water attenuation, considered planting schemes in our managed landscapes which use native plants and support pollinators – all of these nature based solutions are important and delivered by the Scotscape team.

Sustainable Landscape Construction Services

Scotscape are specialists in landscape construction and have multiple departments to meet any landscape brief.  Our expertise is in Living Walls (also known as Green Walls), Green Roofs, Landscape Maintenance and Landscape Construction.  Our services support green infrastructure and sustainability targets. For free advice give us a call on 0208 254 5000 or send a message via the Contact Form.

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