Scotscape installs bespoke suspended ceiling planting and living walls for sports brand Asics

Fitness, health and well-being are the first things that pop into your head when you think of a worldwide sports brand…… and you’d be right.

That’s why Asics, using our integrated, intelligent plant design, are incorporating vertical and suspended planting systems into their global office and retail spaces. Scotscape are really enjoying working with the Asics team creating new ways for the inclusion of sustainable, health-giving plants into both their retail and office locations.

Greening retail environments for health and well-being, as Asics have done with Scotscape at their stores in Brussels and Amsterdam, presents challenges not encountered in other interior or exterior locations.  Every inch of the retail space is crucial – for product display, ease of customer movement, signage, checkouts and changing areas, to create maximum impact and sales.

When approached by Asics, Scotscape needed to meet this challenge – how to incorporate sustainable plant content to improve the retail environment, whilst not dominating valuable floor or wall space?

Our solution came in the form of suspended planting over the shop floor.  The team designed a bespoke stainless steel,
semi-hydroponic planter system complete with automated irrigation, which elegantly floats above the retail space and is filled with abundant planting, thus creating a green, living canopy.  The ethos of health, well-being and science which is central to a sports brand makes this a perfect solution!

Should you wish to discuss a bespoke greening solution do not hesitate to contact our experienced and knowledgeable team. We relish the challenge!

Interior Living Wall Asics HQ
Asics Suspended Ceiling Planting
Asics Suspended Ceiling Planting