#beesmakeitgreen  #makeitgreen has been created to raise awareness of the importance of greening up our cities and urban areas with living walls, green roofs and smart landscaping, to benefit air quality, health, biodiversity, pollinators and improve city living.

#beesmakeitgreen  #makeitgreen encourages participants to plant a seed, a plant, even a tree, record it, post it and challenge friends and colleagues to do the same!  Who knows where this could lead?  Could we see flowers bursting into colour in unused urban wasteland?  Trees popping up in gardens?  A competitive greening up of our doorways, balconies, front gardens, offices, and urban thoroughfares?  Our mission is simple – green up our cities in whichever way possible, vertically with living walls, horizontally on roofs with green roofs, create rain gardens, plant up troughs and planters, manage landscapes sustainably and incorporate pollinator friendly plants!

bug life logoIt is crucial to raise awareness of the importance of pollinators and the fact that urbanisation is wiping them out.  #beesmakeitgreen and #makeitgreen work together!  Making our urban landscape a friendlier place for pollinators to survive is beneficial on a much more fundamental level!  The #beesmakeitgreen and #makeitgreen initiative is supported by the well-known Charity Bug Life.  Bug Life and Scotscape have together formulated the ‘Perfect Pollinator’ living wall which can be easily applied to any surface full of pollinating life giving plants.  The Perfect Pollinator living wall offers a fast and flexible way to incorporate greenery in otherwise tricky locations in a pattern suitable for Bee migration.

living Walls green walls roof terraces

Start with a free packet of pollinating seeds

To help you to #make it green click here to claim your free packet of perfect pollinator seeds to include in your garden or office landscape and help the bees! For the first 1000 applicants.  Please send us your videos of the planting up, quoting #beesmakeitgreen #makeitgreen and challenge your social media contacts to do the same!

Scotscape Living Walls Green Walls working with Bug Life

To see how you can support Bug Life’s Activities and how #Beesmakeitgreen and #makeitgreen can help pollinators – click here