Living Walls
Living walls offer so much more than aesthetics
Ivy Screens
Instant vertical greening made more accessible
Wire Trellis
Precision engineered plant support trellis
Exceptional moss products for inclusion in interior spaces
Living Wall Maintenance
Our specialist teams deliver excellent living wall maintenance services for maximum aesthetic and biodiverse benefits

Living Walls

Our unique fabric system enables architects and designers to specify aesthetically detailed planting plans across every building surface, to create a biodiverse ‘wow’ factor.

Pre-grown ivy screens offer instant and economical greening for free standing or wall mounted vertical greening.  Ivy is the perfect dust suppressant and will maintain excellent air purity.

Precision engineered wire trellis systems, enable vertical greening from climbers planted straight into the substrate or trough systems for easy to maintain living walls.

Scotscape now offer exceptional moss products for inclusion in interior spaces to improve the health and wellbeing experienced by staff and other users of public or private spaces.

Scotscape offer essential living wall maintenance packages for all our living walls.  Maintenance is crucial for the long term health and viability of living wall systems.  Click on the Maintenance button to find out how the Scotscape team can manage the care of your living wall all year round.