Technical Information

Pre-grown Ivy Screens offer immediate perimeter security and greening solutions which satisfy environmental and social sustainability requirements. Benefits include: aesthetics, improved air quality, low maintenance and ease of  installation. The Screens also provide a deterrent against graffiti and other anti-social behaviour. Air pollution is a  major concern within the urban environment, and it has been shown that ivy has a major effect on the reducing the level of PM10s and pollutants. Ivy Screens are now part of major study at Staffordshire University to quantify their impact and demonstrate how the Ivy Screens can be used more effectively to combat these important health issues.

Ivy Screens offer a cost effective environmental screening solution with the following benefits:

  • Instant security provided by galvanised high carbon 5mm steel weldmesh
  • Instant greening for a short or long-term screening solution
  • Clients can install living Ivy Screen hoardings for the duration of a project. They are indefinitely reusable and are fully recyclable
  • Increases biodiversity in the urban environment. Ivy is an important source of pollen for bees, habitat and food (berries) for birds and insects
  • Reduces pollution in the environment. Ivies capture dust and particulate matter, 9 screens are of equal effectiveness to a mature street tree
  • Virtually maintenance free and improve over time. Life expectancy up to 45 years
  • Can be leased or purchased
Stowe Rd Ivy Screen
Stowe Road Ivy Screen