About Living Walls

Living Walls by Scotscape

Scotscape has been involved with the evolution of living walls in London and the South East of the UK since the first large scale walls were installed here in 2006.  Living walls, also known as green walls or vertical gardens are now firmly embedded in the urban dwellers consciousness.  The benefits of living walls make them the leading solution for any property that needs to improve aesthetics whilst embracing the fundamental benefits of nature.

Our long term experience with the installation of a variety of systems, horticultural design of plant content and the long term maintenance of living walls has lead us to research the thermal benefits delivered by such systems with the University of Sheffield, allowing us to truly offer architects and property developers the statistics they need to incorporate vertical gardens into their plans.  Our unique living wall system is lightweight, flexible and cost effective and offers capacity for specified insulation layers, making it one of the most viable solutions available in the market place today.  Our R&D programme continues, enabling constant improvement on system innovation and price to ensure that living walls are accessible to all.

Whilst many Scotscape Living Walls can be seen throughout London and the South East, the popularity of vertical greening is spreading throughout the UK and fine examples of Living Walls can now be seen throughout our major cities.

Living Wall on RIBA Roof Terrace, London
Living Wall on RIBA Roof Terrace, London
Living Wall at the All England Lawn Tennis Association for Wimbledon 2015
Living Wall for All England Lawn Tennis Association, Wimbledon 2015

See our video for more even reasons to specify living walls in the built environment and improve air quality.

Commercial Living Walls

Living Wall for M&S Sheffield
Commercial Living Wall for M&S

What better way is there to communicate your companies green credentials than a living wall?  Adopted by Marks and Spencer as part of their Plan A sustainability strategy and countless other retailers including West Elm, Anthropologie and Aveda – living walls are a striking design feature.  Companies are also including living walls on roof terraces and in interiors to create pleasant and healthy environments for staff.

Domestic Living Walls

Domestic Living Wall and Buddha
Living Walls Enhance Your Property

Domestic living walls are the perfect feature for any garden and visually create a wonderful green outlook for even the most limited space. Planted correctly living walls can flourish in courtyards, small terraces, light wells and staircases with restricted light. Edible plants including herbs, strawberries and salads can be grown in the Scotscape Living Wall system enabling the city dweller to incorporate their own edible garden.

Interior Living Walls

Art Aqua - Stuttgart
Interior Living Wall Installation London UK

Interior living walls make a striking space saving aesthetic.  Ideal for incorporation in any office space to provide cleaner air for staff (plants remove No2, particulate matter, formaldehyde and benzene and also oxygenate the air) and aid good sound abatement.  These benefits lead to healthier buildings in which to work and live which in turn helps larger businesses to reduce stress in staff and improve staff retention.