Property Managers – The Hard truth about Soft landscaping

Let me start by saying that I am biased. I am Neil Blackley Commercial Manager for the Landscape Maintenance department here at Scotscape. I love plants and the natural environment and truly believe in the benefits they offer us all. I have been designing, managing and improving gardens and outdoor spaces for 15 years, soft landscaping is what I do. In that time I have worked closely with Property and Building Managers and FM teams and I’m still surprised that a significant proportion are not fully utilising one of their key assets.

We understand the importance of maintaining roofs, lifts and heating systems; these types of ‘functional’ elements of a building are crucial to ensuring a property is fit for purpose. However, managing the fabric of a building is one thing, dealing with the lifestyle aspirations, desires and demands of residents can sometimes be more challenging.

Scotscape Living Walls Green Walls. Property Managers the hard truth about soft landscaping.
Scotscape Living Walls Green Walls. The hard truth about soft landscaping
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