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January 2017

Would you like to discover a living wall system from the Living Wall experts which:

– Is flexible and lightweight?

– Supports enviable plant health and biodiversity?

– Has minimal lead times and is quick and easy to install?

– Has proven thermal benefits?

– Is cost effective?

– Is designed to offer straightforward and economical maintenance?

– Guaranteed living wall health subject to maintenance by Scotscape?

Scotscape are happy to come to any offices located in the London and Greater London area, we also offer an easy to use and highly successful CPD webinar for companies further afield.

Now firmly embedded in the urban dwellers consciousness, living walls are emerging in cities across the UK, supported by smart commercial businesses and retailers, and private customers wanting to create a green haven; with good reason – living walls offer benefits which far exceed beautiful aesthetics or indeed the WOW factor.

The benefits of incorporating living walls range from reduction of the urban heat island effect, improved biodiversity and habitats for invertebrates and birds, thermal benefits to buildings, air quality improvements from both interior and exterior walls, flood attenuation….the list goes on firmly justifying living wall’s place in greening the built environment.

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